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Why WordPress is the best CMS solution?

by on September 3rd, 2010

Have you ever thought why WordPress(WP) is the most widely used platform? Any one who has ever worked on this platform will find it hard to switch to some other CMS, provided that he is not a tech-savvy. The simple and plain structure of WordPress makes it easy to understand and work even for a person who is alien to design & development.

WP, which was initially introduced only for blogging, is now also used for hosting corporate websites. Another reason which makes WP versatile is a large community of its developers, who continuously keep on developing new plugins, themes and other enhancements for its better usability and convenience for its users.

Few of the reasons, that make WP a better choice than the rest-

Themes WP themes are floating over net in abundance. People design and distribute it. Few do it for free and few commercialise it. Obviously paid themes are more appealing than what you can avail for free but depending upon your requirement, free themes can also serve your purpose. These available themes allow people customise and change the design of their blog/website, according to their choice. Of course, with the introduction of every new theme, there are few adjustments which need to be done and for this purpose, you can hire a service provider.

Plugins WP has all the basic features but to get you laced with other advance features, there are plugins, which are intentionally designed for WP and its users only. With these plugins, you can change the functionality, usability, appearance and can add value to your site. Working with these plugins is very easy. You just install, upload and start working with them.

Truly friendly WP is truly a user friendly platform. Its simplicity is such that most of the people who are unaware of design/development techniques run for WP. With WP as your CMS, you are the in-charge of your website in real terms. You can post & publish the posts, add videos, add pages to the website, moderate comments and much more, without any technical knowledge.

Trackback You link your blog post, article or any content to any other blog, which is hosted on WP and it will automatically link to it, leaving a trackback on that blog. So if you are planning for your own blog or website, WP can prove be your best choice.

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