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Powerful blogging way to make money via internet.

by on September 1st, 2010

Hello there and if you are looking for powerful, easy and simple ways to make money via internet than I must say you have landed on a right article. I am going to show how you can start making money online easily and simply just by working extra 1-2 hours per day, so please make sure you will read this article to the end.

I am going to show step by step what you should do to make money via internet fast and simply, so there is no fluff in this article but complete step by step formula.

Step number one you should do is to determine in which niche you would like to work, or to which subject you would like your blog to be related to. Make sure you will choose subject for your blog that is always on demand and popular, otherwise you may struggle to make money via internet.

Then using or you should build your blog. If you don’t know how to build one go to You Tube and watch some video tutorials that will help you. It’s very important to say that you will not need graphic at all on your blog. It’s not about graphic or how your blog will look like, the only reason why people will be visiting your blog will be: because you will be advertizing it and you will have valuable information on it.

So if content is the key to make money via internet with your blog next what you should do is to add to your blog 50 articles at once and then keep updating it on daily basis, by posting one article per day. You can use tongs of PLR articles for your blog you will find online absolutely for free.

Keep reading as with this same tactic I have made my first $49 online on my second or third day. So you will be able to make money via internet with this formula as well simply and fast.

Then you will want to join and adsense Google program. Post banners of different affiliate products and ads from Google on your blog. Remember very important to put banners only of those products that will be related to same subject as your blog will be.

Start advertizing you blog using I recommend to you that you should create different account that you will be using only for advertizing your blog. Make as much friends as you will be able every single day. And after you will have at least 500 followers start advertizing your blog to them.

I will be honest with you and with this tactic I have made my first money via internet. On second or third day I have made $49, but I had already 1000 followers. So to start seeing your first income should take you not more than one week.

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